Customer Speak

We Are Melting Hearts.

 "I found Melting hearts as one of the best quality, tasty and absolutely fresh dry fruits. All Products have an impressive packing that’s very appealing. Extremely satisfied with the product and would certainly recommend it to my friends n family. Friends melting hearts is worth a try." - SEEMA PARMAR

"Love the freshness of the nuts in every package. Highly recommended if you are looking for the best quality!!" - PRERNA DHAPOLA

"Firstly I liked the packaging as frankly before one tastes one sees the total package. It was appealing and eye catching.I have tasted the cashews which were fresh, delicious yummy.I will definitely recommend folks to try Melting Hearts next time." - VIRAJ RAMESH RAI

"The superior quality, There are dime a dozen in the market but none like melting hearts." - KAVITHA ASHTAKALA

"Quality products super quality"- NAGA RAJ

"Super quality product and true to its name it definitely melts hearts.... the dry fruits tastes really good:-)" SREELEKHA NAMBIAR

"Finally found a health drink, hat not only tastes divine(I mean it), but is also filled with goodness of dry fruits like fig, pistachios, cashews etc. Picked it up outside Vir Das show yday and instantly fell in love with it. I am going back for more, a must try!!!"- ANUPAMA BAJPAI

"Good quality dry fruits with a wonderful packing. Definitely worth buying again."- CHARU DUBE

"For best quality dryfruits"- ASHWINI R GOWDA

"Finest quality of Dry fruits and nuts, excellent package and fresh sealed in air tight bags. This one product that is as good as it looks, is totally recommended."- ANITA ANAND

"After seeing the attractive packaging, I was tempted to try the product. I discovered that all the products are good quality, fresh & crunchy. I also gifted it to my friends on Diwali :) Highly recommended!!!"- SUNEETA CHANDRA

"I have been purchasing walnuts and the problem I faced was that walnuts become rancid very fast. However with Melting Hearts, the walnuts are as fresh as if I purchased them yesterday even after a couple months. This is a proof of great quality product. Highly recommended !!"- PRATHIMA DEVARLA