About Us

We Don't Take Dry Fruits Lightly.

The reason for the birth of our company is the intriguing insight that even the well off, well educated, quality and health conscious Indian households turn a blind eye to 'Quality' when it comes to Dry Fruits. Perhaps we all assume that all Dry Fruits available on the Indian retail shelves are of good quality. 

We wish the above was true.


We at Mannbhavak Foodys, the company that owns the brand 'Melting Hearts' is committed to making unadulterated, delicious and top-quality dry fruits available at prices that are just right.  As the name suggests, Melting Hearts will indeed melt your heart. With its exquisite range of dry fruits, individually sourced from geographies best known for their production, Melting Hearts will delight the most discerning of consumers. Whether you want to enjoy           dry-fruits on-the-go, make them a part of your daily diet, or gift to someone special.

The Melting Hearts flagship stores in Bengaluru, at Forum Shantiniketan, Whitefield, and Forum Koramangala  are a must-visit destination. Here, you will experience a vast range of curated products that include Dried Fruits, Dates, Seeds and Nuts and the   World's first Dry Fruit Punch. 

Try Melting Hearts. It’s Yummylicious.