About Us

Redefining Healthcare

The reason for the birth of our company in 2019 was the puzzling insight that even the well off, well educated, quality and health-conscious Indian households turn a blind eye to 'Quality' when it comes to Dry Fruits. Perhaps we all pressume that all Dry Fruits available on the Indian retail shelves are of good quality. 

We wish the above was true.

So, we launched ‘Melting Hearts’ with a single intent ie. give Indian consumers access to unadulterated supreme quality dry fruits.
But COVID completely changed our perspective and intent towards this business.
It’s now absolutely clear that humankind has no option but to adopt proactive ways of keeping their immune system strong to survive the constant challenge that would be posed by pandemics and life-style diseases.

We decided to call this approach HealthAssurance.
We at Mannbhavak Foodys, the company that owns the brand 'Melting Hearts' has made commitment to deliver HealthAssurance through innovative value added products based on Dry Fruits as they are not just loaded with essential oils, proteins, potassium, and calcium that helps to increase immunity but also the presence of antioxidants in them helps fight against various infections and illnesses.
Staying true to its name, Melting Hearts will delight the most discerning of consumers. Whether you want to enjoy Melting Hearts Dry Fruits on-the-go, or make our unique 100% Vegan Melting Hearts Dry Fruit Punch or dry fruits loaded  Melting Hearts Muesli a part of your daily diet, or gift Melting Hearts Gift hamper  to your loved ones. 
It’s our promise that Melting Hearts will go healthy yet being Yummylicious.