Melting Hearts Punch 'Saffron' 300 ml x 2 Combo Pack

Melting Hearts Punch 'Saffron' 300 ml x 2 Combo Pack

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This World’s First Dry Fruit Punch tastes as good as it looks! And now you can enjoy it in the flavor of Saffron as well. 

A 100% natural, with no milk, no added sugar and no preservatives, so that you can relish this drink without any health worry in the world.

This wholesome blend of tasty, nutritious Almonds, Cashews, Dates and Figs is everyone’s new favourite to refresh and energize themselves. Whether it's chilling with friends, taking a break at work, post an intense workout, while fasting, or between meals. 

Why should you give this drink a try?
1. Acts as a great source of iron, fibre and calcium so that your immunity never takes a hit!
2. Show your heart and brain some love with the loaded benefits of Top Notch Quality dry fruits.
3. It's a Vegan.

And most importantly, It’s Yummylicious! 

Please Note: 
1. Store under Refrigeration at 4 degree Centigrade. Consume/Serve chilled for best taste. 
2. Consume the Dry Fruit Punch within 3 Days as it doesn't contain Preservatives.
3. Contains Tree Nuts - Almonds, Cashews.