Melting Hearts Dates - Ajwa 200 g Loose Range

Melting Hearts Dates - Ajwa 200 g Loose Range

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Known as the ‘Holy Date’, Ajwa dates have long held a special place within Arabic tradition. With their sweet, luscious taste and raisin-like texture, they are reminiscent of prunes, with a flesh that beautifully melts in the mouth.Ranging in colour from a delicate soft brown to almost black, Melting Hearts’ gourmet Ajwa dates are delicious and packed with nutrients. With each mouthful, you will be consuming a high level of vitamins, healthy fats, protein and carotenoids. You can improve your digestive health, boost heart health, reduce blood pressure and your risk of a stroke, all while enjoying the sweet, creamy flavour of these organic superfoods.


Key Features

  • Dates provide various antioxidants that have a number of health benefits, including a reduced risk of several diseases.
  • Dates are a source of fructose, which is a natural type of sugar found in fruit.
  • Dates contain several minerals, including phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium. All of these have the potential to prevent bone-related conditions like osteoporosis.
  • Dates are incredibly versatile and make a delicious snack. They are often paired with other foods, such as almonds, nut butter, or soft cheese.